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Leading in Glass Inspection & Monitoring Solutions

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May 25th 2018 Our Privacy Statement GDPR AVG  (pdf/Privacy_Statement.pdf)i...


VIMEC forward through Vision!

With the acquisition of VIMEC by One of a Kind Technology - VIMEC makes a...


VIMEC looks at further expansion and growth

We are pleased to share with you the news as attached and to announce that ...


Vision systems

We are dedicated to the design, assembly marketing of superior visual i...


Cosmetic inspection

Checks for, cracks, chips, airlines, dirt, glass particles, scratches, etc....


Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection is performed on geometrical aspects of products. Thi...


Optical engineering is one of the key aspects in a vision system. VIMEC has dedicated research and development staff involved in the development of optimized optical configurations. Camera technology combined with dedicated illumination technology offers a great variety of inspection functionalities. In some cases these functionalities can be integrated into a single inspection system.

3D Printing | Rapid PrototypingIn house 3D printing (Rapid Prototyping) is used to create complex parts to allow immediate integration.

This way, customized assembly work can be eliminated to result in narrow overall tolerances and high reproducibility for the vision application.

Mechanical design is done at VIMEC supported by 3D design software. Optical engineering design is combined with robust mechanical solutions to form the basis for a vision systems.

The components are integrated in an industrial housing to shield then from the (production) environment.

VIMEC provides documented evidence that the inspection system meets the standards and requirements defined by the customer and industry. The 'quality' of the inspection system is documented in the Factory & Site Acceptance Test reports. These reports are sometimes further segmented in the Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) reports.

VIMEC supports and services its visual applications around the world. The installed base includes: USA, Mexico, Brasil, France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Japan etc. Through remote connection (secure Internet connection) VIMEC engineers can log in to the inspection system and take over control for training and service purposes. On site performance is performed to ensure the inspection system meets the quality standards and inspection accuracy required.

Visual Inspection & Monitoring Solutions.

logo One of A KindWe are pleased to share with you the news as attached and to announce that VIMEC has become part of  One of A Kind Technologies.

One of a Kind Technologies is a holding company owning two daughter companies Beltech (2012) and, as of now, VIMEC (2015).
Beltech is a company in robot vision, 3D imaging and inspection technology, with talented, committed employees that work every day with high tech systems for customers with demanding specifications when it comes to quality and accuracy.

Both companies are leading in camera inspection technology, but they have a different marketing approach.
Different markets, different customers, different products,...
So they will keep their own identity and will continue to work separately for their customers.
Of course, they also have a lot of technology in common. This cooperation will be beneficial for the group members and for their customers.

VIMEC has been very successful during last years, with expanding worldwide markets, new products and continuing new developments in high end camera inspection.
By joining the group, VIMEC looks forward pursue its leading role in the market.
We will have more opportunities for growth and expansion in service and support, products, technology, optical, engineering, quality.

For our relationships, our customers, suppliers, and partners, we look forward to continue this relationship as before and even better where possible.

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persbericht NL

press release EN


The VIMEC staff and myself are very committed to continue the successful cooperation with our customers and suppliers, like we have been providing since almost 25 years.

Istvan Fehervari
General Manager VIMEC


Crack detection

Crack in pharmaceutical containerCrack detection by area scan and line scan cameras using bright field / dark field illumination. Read more...

Process control (HE)

Vial process control HE

The PAN inspection system is used for vial process control. Read more...


Training (in France)VIMEC provides in depth training to support full operation of the vision systems and the use of the statistical measurement data.

Inspection technology

Machine vision | Camera vision

Inspection technology by VIMEC gives superior inspection.

Print defects

Print defect on pharmaceutical containerPrint inspection includes detection of missing letters, numbers, expiry dates etc. Read more...

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