Fourth edition Friends & Family day

We’re heading for a tradition!

Last Friday June 29th was not an ordinary Friday, we enjoyed the annual One of A Kind celebration day.

The Friends & Family Day 2018 has been organized by our own staff and on this day we’re happy to open our doors to anyone who’s interested in us.
Old and young, family-members, friends, customers and suppliers, we’ve welcomed over 120 people and showed them around our company.
For both employees and visitors it’s interesting and fun to see what we do and how that’s done.


Hot sun, cool technology

The picture says more than a thousend words, everyone enjoyed the mix of nice weather, a warm BBQ and cool technology.

Given the number of new employees we onboard each year, there are always new faces to meet, this year was no exception to that rule.

At the same time, this Friday kicked off the Summer Holidays for many of us, another reason to celebrate!


We all like to express our thanks to the company for providing the means to arrange this and in particular the colleagues who pratically organize this growing event!

See you next year!


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