The Vimec conveyor has proven its benefits. We used the conveyor-design to accommodate several inspection stations in one machine. In one flow, we arrange each product to be inspected in multiple setups. All inspection results are stored and evaluated as a whole, leading to one conclusion.

If at any point a product is out of specification, the position is marked as reject, leading to a physical extraction of the product in the reject-stage of the conveyor.

The Vimec glass inspection conveyor can interface with validation handling, such as pick and place units.

About the performance:

The conveyor is suitable to handle up to 120 parts per minute. Depending on size of product and chain, large products normally run at 80-100 parts per minute. Other speed-determining aspects can be inherent to the inspection-hardware.

Conveyor solutions typically contain 12-24 camera setups, all running on a central industrial PC.

On average, the total length of conveyor setup is about 6 meters. This includes the actual inspection-cabinet and trajectory for loading and unloading.

In order to meet CE and practical safety-requirements, Vimec provides guarding to shield the operation from human interaction. A secondary function of the shielding adds to the performance since we block ambient lighting. Safety controls are in place to stop the operation once the doors are opened.

The conveyor has been designed to:

  • transport your products safely through the inspection setups
  • handle your product damage-free, using plastic adaptors
  • create no metal to glass contact
  • be adjustable to product diameter, length and shape
  • have a long life with low maintenance

Inline validation unit

Prove the capability of the inspection system, any time you want, easily, repeatably. Vimec designed a validation unit to be integrated on the conveyor. This device automatically loads and unloads your validation samples which are then submitted to all vision setups, just like a regular product. The results are verified with the software and give insight and validation of the actual inspection system condition.

Improved process stability

With an optional Fan Filter Unit (FFU) we ensure enhanced stability of your measuring environment. The FFU provides a clean and laminar airflow within the glass inspection conveyor cabinet.