Statistics convince

Whether it serves your internal inquiries, or to satisfy a customer, it’s undeniable that facts and data convince people.

The band-width of inspection-results of a certain batch tells everything about the process-controls within the production time. For internal purposes this is a useful insight and it helps in optimizing processes. Only by measurements, continuous improvement can be successful.

Turning an audit into a standard job

Stored data and statistics derived from that provide information which proves how well-controlled a specific production-batch has been produced. The respective measurements are within spec, they are complete and the process statistics prove that there is no reason to doubt the uniform quality and reliability of the full batch of goods.

The good part is that each individual measurement is already being done.
Statistics, reporting and storage are just software options and features to turn the available data into valuable information. Especially our customers in the pharmaceutical glass segment appreciate this additional functionality. Knowing the value for their end-customers, data and derived information has a commercial value!

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