Larissa – Cosmetic and dimensional inspection of cartridges

The Vimec Larissa inspection system is designed for cosmetic and dimensional inspection of borosilicate glass cartridges.

Way of working

The cartridges are presented to the cameras using a Rotowheel. The Rotowheel takes the cartridges out of the conveyor and positions the cartridges accurately. A rotation wheel rotates the cartridges quickly to have a view from all sides. After inspection is
performed, the rotowheel places the cartridges back on to the conveyor.


During the rotation of the cartridge, several cameras are used, each of them with a specific field of view. After the inspection is completed, the results of the inspection are processed in the V-Center system control. Together with data of other optional inspection systems, a trigger signal to the reject unit is generated if the cartridge is not accepted with reference to the limits set.

Download the Larissa

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