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With this newsletter we would like to inform you about Vimec and One of A Kind Technologies. The first half of 2019 were a busy and successful 6 months; Vimec welcomed new customers, met with long lasting relationships and strengthened the Quality & Validation organization as well as Services. Furthermore we are investing heavily in R&D which will lead to new systems, upgrades and a strong roadmap. Our Sales team is available to discuss these developments with you to ensure your long term vision and ours remain aligned.

In May we launched our new website, we invite you to have a look and find out more about Vimec and its capabilities. Vimec is also present on LinkedIn, feel free to follow us for the latest updates. In the next half year we look forward to working with you on your quality control and inspection projects. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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Management Vimec Applied Vision Technology


Automated syringe packaging line

Our total inspection solution

The Vimec offline inspection solutions offer multiple inspection stations in one machine. Up to 24 cameras can be mounted to support a wide range of measurements; from dimensional control to cosmetic inspection. To validate the inspection a validation unit can be integrated on the conveyer, ensuring proper system conditions. With the Vimec offline inspection solution all measurement data is collected and Statistical Process Control (SPC) can be executed.

Fault detection in pharmaceutical glass

Dark field image of a syringe for quality inspection.

High quality pharmaceutical glass products can not contain any cracks, particles or inclusions. These faults might comprise the functionality and must be rejected. To detect faulty products, Vimec has developed an in-line dark field inspection system for 100% inspection. To find out how Vimec can help you press the button below.

The Rhea, cold-end vial inspection

The Rhea inspection system for cold end vial inspection

The Rhea inspection system combines two functions into one. Mounted with up to 5 cameras to simultaneously perform  dimensional and cosmetic inspection. The Rhea is flexible and can be adjusted to your specific inspection requirements. Interested to find out more? Get in touch with one of our technical experts via the button below.

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