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Dear reader,
Vimec, as part of the Kind Technologies group, is spending a major amount of time developing new systems and applications. Based on our in-depth knowledge and together with our customers, new developments have the aim to improve glass product-quality and to increase production output
The high quality and very accurate systems described underneath are perfect examples of this:
  • The Themisto vial dimensional inspection system to combine Inner Diameter and Total Length measurement to have two inspections on a small footprint
  • The Charon dimensional inspection of the Minimum Inner Diameter of syringes (piston side) according the ISO definition.
During the current turbulent times, both vials and syringes are important in the logistics surrounding the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Vimec is honored to be able to contribute to guaranteeing the quality of the packaging of the medicine.

Stay healthy!

Kind regards,
Management Vimec Applied Vision Technology



The Themisto, dimensional inspection of vials

The Themisto system performs dimensional inspection of total length and inner diameter of vials and is typically installed before the annealing lehr. Because dimensional results are known before the vial enters the annealing lehr, the operator can adjust the process parameters to optimize the product quality without compromise on output.


The Charon, inner diameter inspection of Syringes

The Charon inspection system inspects the inner diameter of syringes at the piston entry side of the syringe. The minimum inner diameter is detected according ISO definition, to ensure no deformation of the inner diameter has occurred during the production process, so the piston can enter the syringe smoothly.



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