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In this news letter we are excited to introduce to you the Themisto, a brand new system for dimensional inspection. Besides the development of new systems, our R&D department has been working on new versions and upgrade packages for our existing products. The well known Metis has been upgraded with enhanced capabilities for reading reflective prints. Finally, our mother company, One of A Kind Technologies, has taken the next step in its expansion with the acquisition of KOAT. B.V., a known leader in the handling of materials within the agriculture and food domain. For more information on Vimec’s new developments and the acquisition keep on reading, for regular updates follow us on LinkedIn.

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Management Vimec Applied Vision Technology


The New Themisto

The Themisto is a new addition to Vimec’s inspection systems. The Themisto is designed to perform inner diameter and total length measurements for vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes. The system is placed before the oven and uses a dedicated lifter unit to align the product with the optical set-up. Easily adjustable brackets allow the Themisto to measure a wide range of product sizes and quick turn over times. Interested to know more? Let us know via the button below.

Improved Metis

The Metis performs print inspection on pharmaceutical glass packaging and can inspect print such as text and logos for defects. The detection of the print is based on reflection. This has shown to be the most relaible and robust method and has proven itself over many years. However more reflective inks are being used today. These reflective inks can cause over exposure and the so called ‘open letter effect’, adversely affecting inspection. To expand the performance of the Metis system on reflective inks, Vimec optimized the projector light and optical set-up. The redesign significantly reduces reflection and increases contrast as can be seen below.

On the left an image of reflective inks with ‘open letters’ and on the right the results after optimizing the Metis for reflective inks.

Do you want to improve inspection rates of prints with reflective inks? Let us know, we will be happy to test your samples on the optimized Metis and show you what it can do for you.

Group News

Introducing: Geert van Atteveld, Service Manager

It is service’s goal to secure the fastest possible response to any issue or question impacting your line performance. Geert van Atteveld, Service manager at Vimec, is realizing this goal. Service is a key department for Vimec and we are investing in service by expanding the Service team and Service offering. Together with his growing team, Geert is streamlining internal processes and setting up new service packages. Service and sales will reach out to customers to present our new service offering and capabilities, which includes, besides corrective support, also different preventive services to warrant system performance at all times.

Expansion of the One of A Kind Technologies Group

Vimec is part of the One of A Kind Technologies Group (OOAKT). OOAKT is a high-tech group of companies focusing on the Pharma, Food and Agriculture markets, all markets where quality matters. In September OOAKT acquired KOAT B.V. a global player in material handling which specializes in internal transport systems in the greenhouse horticulture. With this acquisition, OOAKT and Vimec gain a vast amount of experience in automating material handling such as packaging robotics. With the expansion of KOAT, the One of A Kind Technologies group grows to 125 engineers and technicians active to deliver its technology worldwide. Coming period, OOAKT will open satellite offices in the US (North Carolina), Canada (Ontario) and later Asia to increase its local services towards its customers including the pharmaceutical packaging market. For more information please check the One of A Kind Technologies website

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