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Vimec inline inspection systems for pharmaceutical glass packaging are installed at all major production plants all over the world. Most customers are preparing for an increase in demand of vials due to the worldwide spreading of medicine and vaccines. Using Vimec inspection systems, extra volume in vials can be produced safe, with the right dimensions and meeting the high quality standards.
For more than 25 years, Vimec Applied Vision Technology contributes to this quality standard. Our automated inspection- and data monitoring systems are highly appreciated globally and we are very proud to be a key partner in today’s operations and future developments.
Vials quality inspection
In this newsletter, we take a closer look at the dimensional and cosmetic inspection of vials. Although some of these inspection systems are generic for pharmaceutical glass, we also see some very typical ones that are only possible with a well thought-out set up and higher level image processing.

Please have a look at these systems, if any questions rise do not hesitate contacting us

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Management Vimec Applied Vision Technology



Thyone: dimensional vial inspection

The Thyone system is performing inline dimensional inspection of vials, typically before the annealing oven. The systems measures outer dimensions as well as total length.


Telesto: vial inner diameter inspection

The Telesto system is designed to perform inner diameter inspection of vials, typically before the annealing oven. The system lifts the vials out of the line, and present them in front of the camera.



Pandora: concavity and thickness inspection

The Pandora system is performing bottom concavity and bottom thickness inspection. Mounted on a linear drive, the system is moving parallel to the bottom of the vial to perform inspection.




Rhea: cosmetic inspection

The Rhea system is performing cosmetic inspection of several areas of the vial, typically after the annealing oven. Vimec offers several different configurations with different areas of interest, such as:

  • Sealing/filling area
  • Bottom area
  • Shoulder area
  • Under the lip area
  • Body area



Triton: dark field inspection

The Triton system is performing cosmetic inspection the vial, using dark field illumination, typically after the annealing oven. This principle is based on reflection and defects that have a reflective nature, provide a contrast compared to the dark back ground.



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