Vimec offers two types of off-line inspection equipment:

  • MIMAS   Off-line inspection of moulded glass products
  • TITAN     Off-line inspection of vials



Mimas | Bottle Inspection System

VIMEC’s off-line dimensional inspection application (Mimas) has been designed to automatically measure a batch of bottles. A batch of bottles, consisting of different mold numbers, are collected and placed on a conveyor belt (in sequence). After starting inspection, Mimas will automatically place the bottles onto the inspect position, start the measurement cycle and place the bottles back onto the conveyor belt. The measured bottles are collected on a collection table, situated at the end of the conveyor belt.

Electronic output

The handling of Mimas has been designed to allow fast set-up. Customer, using Mimas, are able to adjust the Mimas system for a new batch of products under one minute. The output of the measurement result is shown on screen and an electronic file can be sent to a server for integration in a SCADA system and to inform the hot-end part of the production. Mimas includes most common measurement definitions (“Glass packing institute”; glass finish number) but also customized measurements, meeting specific customer requirements are included.

Mimas has a proven inspection performance supported by Gauge R&R studies (Gauge R&R <10, ndc >5)



Titan: Vial inspection

Titan is an offline pharmaceutical containers inspection system that measures dimensional aspects of vial. A batch of vials (normally 32 or 36) are placed on the conveyor belt. The system will automatically measure all the vials. After all the vials are measured, the system will generate a inspection report.

This can be used to approve the start of production or provide SPC information.

The system has been designed to measure all standard ISO vials without any mechanical adjustments. All changes are made through the software and are directly applied. The system has been classified as extremely accurate and stable over multiple years.