Vial inspection in cold-end

vial inspection


Pharmaceutical products are commonly distributed in a one-dose packaging, better known as a vial.
Our customers are leaders in production and distribution of vials.
Vimec offers solutions which ensure that no vials with any detectable defect will be supplied to the market.

Production cycles of a vial

In the production-cycle of a vial, there are two main-stages.
First stage is the hot-end where a glass tube is heated and formed to become a vial.
Second stage is treatment, inspection and handling of the cooled vials, known as the cold-end of the production-line.
This article zooms in on one of our most popular system for visual inspection and measurement of vials in the cold-end section.

Rhea, our most popular system

Our cosmetic inspection systems are named after cosmic bodies.
The cold-end vial inspection system has been named Rhea, after the second largest moon of planet Saturn.

Rhea properties

The Rhea system is -like all Vimec systems- an automated visual inspection module.
In the design we have addressed the two disciplines of mechatronics and machine-vision to handle and inspect a vial. This multi-disclipinary approach facilitates optimal inspection accuracy, real-time, in a fast and reliable way.
A Rhea system can be added to your production-line, integrated in the existing I/O’s and perform a 100% inspection without compromizing your cycle-time or capacity.

Customized standard

Each Rhea system will be optimized for your product-range to make sure it brings maximum performance in your factory.
Customer satisfaction is a central aspect which is leading in all activities we deploy. From order-intake through assemby, functional testing, validation and integration, we are concentrating on your requirements and specifications.

Get your own Rhea vial inspection system

Get in touch with our technical experts and find out how Rhea adds value to your plant!

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