Leading in Glass Inspection and Monitoring Solutions

With a 30-year history of research and innovations, Vimec is an ambitious leader in glass inspection and monitoring solutions for the packaging glass industry. In this specific market niche, we are dedicated to designing, building, and validating superior visual inspection systems. We always strive for continuous improvement and bring together creative minds that form our dedicated team of 35 employees in constant pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.


Vimec is providing state of the art inline inspection systems for the tubular glass industry. We provide dimensional inspection, cosmetic inspection and print inspection for all product types, including ampoules, cartridges, vials and syringes.

We guarantee the quality of our systems:

  • Extensive validation process, including dimensional MSA
  • Quality documentation

> 30 years of experience


Across 25 countries worldwide


1500 machines installed



Vimec is part of the Kestrel Vision Group. With a total of about 850 employees at numerous subsidiaries in several countries all over the world, Kestrel Vision is a global expert and leading player in control and rigid package inspection for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics sectors. Within Kestrel Vision, Vimec enjoys the advantages of utilizing an in-depth technological knowledge of a global group while remaining a small, flat, and flexible organization. Vimec and Kestrel form a perfect strategic and technological fit to tackle the joint challenges and shape the future of glass inspection.