We strongly believe in support and service towards our customers. We have service engineers available that provide support by telephone, by internet or on-site. For immediate service, support and training-purposes, we can directly log in to the inspection system and share controls. (using a dedicated secure internet connection). When more support is needed, or for regular preventive maintenance, service engineers travel to your site for full access. All service provided is logged and maintained at VIMEC. Training for the correct use of your application are given at VIMEC but are also provided on-site.


VIMEC provides documented evidence that the inspection system meets the standards and requirements defined by the customer and industry. The quality of the inspection system is documented in the Factory & Site Acceptance Test reports. These reports can be further segmented on your demand into the Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) reports.

Customer portal

For registered customers, a dedicated service and support website is available behind a login-verification. VIMEC provides documentation in PDF and HTML-format. The HTML manuals can be viewed with most common browsers for use on desktops or tablets/mobile phones.

The site offers customer-specific documentation such as:

  • Manuals (set up system, software control, maintenance, system overview)
  • Qualification documents¬† (listed per production line and inspection system)
  • Spare parts (orders and quotations can be placed at our website, we manage your order/quotation history).

Use this link to log on to the customer portal

Use this link to log on to the Vimec spare part catalog